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My late husband, Bill  Tapply, wrote more than 50 books—Brady Coyne and Stoney Calhoun mysteries, non-fiction on the outdoors, fly fishing and writing.

He was a wonderful man and an incandescent writer. His books are great reads, and I wanted to share them here. 

William G. Tapply

If you wish to purchase any of Bill's books, just click on the covers. Many are eBooks, some are in multiple formats. Happy reading!

Bill's Brady Coyne mystery series...

The Stoney Calhoun mystery, fly fishing guide series...

The Nomination , a novel of suspense

The Nomination,
a novel of suspense

Non-fiction  Sportsman's Legacy , expanded with photos

Sportsman's Legacy,
expanded with photos

Non-fiction,  The Elements of Mystery Fiction 

Non-fiction, The Elements of Mystery Fiction 

Mystery Novels with Philip R. Craig...

Non-fiction on Fly Fishing, Bird Hunting, and the Outdoors


You can visit Bill's website here