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Books: Come Ride the Dragon with Me

Q: So, Vicki, why did you write what you call an Urban Fantasy Romance?
Me: I already blogged about that.
Q: You’re a little snarky today.
Me: Maybe. Okay, yeah, I am. My forehead’s bloody—the wall I slammed into working on Chest of Air hurt.
Q: Poor thing. So let’s talk about your childhood.
Me: That should put everyone to sleep.
Q: What books did you love as a kid? You know, ones that influenced your writing.  
Me: Ah, now there’s something I can dig my fangs into.
Q: Clears throat. Back away. Runs.
Me: Silly girl. They’re only virtual… mostly.

Books. (I sigh.) They take you anywhere and anywhen. Reveal anything you wish. Feel anything you want. Come ride the dragon into the past with me.