Chest of Time's Book Birthday!

Happy Book Birthday to CHEST OF TIME!

(On Amazon ( Available soon on iBooks, Kobo, Nook and other platforms. In paperback soon, too.)

So excited! I hope you'll love it!

A small excerpt:

“You’ve got to expect that weird shit, sugah.”

“Will it continue?” Clea asked.

Rae plucked her lower lip. “Maybe. Maybe not. I’ve got something’ to say to y’all, and you’d best listen. Promise me y’all will rest up for a good three days before you go gallivanting off. Feel me?”

“No, I don’t ‘feel’ you. You’re not the boss of me, as they say.”

“Hehehe. You’d best promise, or I’ll be turnin’ you into a toad.”

Rae laughed, but her eyes were serious, not about turning me into a frog—I didn’t think she could do that—but about my health. Rae was worried. I loved him-her, in all his many-faceted glory. “All right. It’s silly, but I promise.”

“Y’all best, sugah.” Big grin. “Ribbit.”

Posted on August 14, 2018 .