Delicious in Every Way

Mel Sterling’s Shots in the Dark offers romance, action, and a touch of mystery. And coffee. Delicious, aromatic, splendid coffee. But none of those trump the two main characters, a pair I fell in love with. While Gard and Gilly slow-burn their way to love, I was gripped tight. The book never let me loose, either, as the pages flew by. Gard Is an amputee vet helping out friends run their bookshop, while Gilly’s the manager of The Cup next-door. Though they grate against each other early on, eventually their romance blossoms, even as Gilly’s past threatens all she’s built in the years since she ran away from her grifter father. Deliciously languid in spots, and zooming in others, the pace is perfect for this marvelous romance filled with memorable characters, a terrific setting, and a beautiful romance that stole my heart.

Posted on July 10, 2018 and filed under Romance, Review.