Jewel of the Sea - Review

In Jewel of the Sea—a soaring tale of love defeating obstacles—Tiffany Roberts’ exceptional world building sets you on the planet of Halora and into the loves and lives of both humans and kraken, intelligent bio-engineered creatures. I adored Arkon and Aymee from the start – two artistic people who long for more. Their loneliness of spirit brings the two together, as they see each other in ways no other being has done.

Artist and hunter Arkon is pulled by his desire for Amyee, while she sees a kindred spirit wrapped within the flesh of the part-human kraken. His power and desire are tempered by his need to explore a relationship far beyond the bounds of all that he’s known. Arkon’s gentle exploration combined with Aymee’s fierce passion makes for a heady brew of a tale.

Adventure, threats, and deadly danger to both human and kraken drive the story forward at a compelling pace. Along the way, we meet old friends, Jax and Macy, which is a treat.

While Arkon and Amy are interesting and complex characters, each is relatable in the best way. You really feel for them—for how each exists as an outlier within their communities and how each longs for someone who will understand them, as well as care for them, just as they are.

Jewel of the Sea is a sumptuous and satisfying read that plumbs the exotic world of Halora, the magical ocean depths, and most especially the pulse of a being’s heart.

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Posted on April 2, 2018 and filed under Review.