A Spellbinding Romance

Tiffany Roberts writes a compelling romance of love and passion and prejudice, and how misconceptions shape lives. Gaelin is an angel with time on his hands. Too much time. In his spare existence, even discomfort is a welcome distraction. He’s unmarked, could leave the deadly Isle of the Forgotten, yet he awaits the arrival of his unknown mate, foretold millennia ago by a seer. When he encounters two demon siblings, Marcus and Mayra, his first reaction is to kill them. Yet the meeting proves momentous for Gaelin and Mayra—fate has played a fiendish trick on them. They fight against their destiny as mates, sometimes with cruel results. One of the terrific things about the novel is Gaelin’s evolving realization that many of his beliefs are wrong. As he comes to know the shattered, yet determined Mayra, he sees her goodness and worth, and Gaelin grows into a marvelous and complex hero. The novel’s climax soars. Filled with thrills, oodles of tension, and a spellbinding romance, Make Me Yours is a fine addition to Roberts’ Isle of the Forgotten series. Satisfying in the extreme.

Posted on April 15, 2017 .