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A Mage. A Monster. A Mission. AndMelody That Binds

A Mage. A Monster. A Mission. AndMelody That Binds

Lot's more to come, including an amazing collaborative giveaway, a Knit Collection, and more. But that's all for soonly.

Right now, more than anything, I hope you love Chest of Bone. A labor of the heart, Clea and Larrimer's tale speaks to me. I hope it does to you, too. And keep your eyes peeled for news of Chest of Stone!

I'm curious—what's your favorite type of prize in a giveaway?

Thanks so much for reading!

Chest of Bone IS OUT! I couldn't be prouder, both of the novel and of the amazing editorial and production team at Curiosity Quills Press, who put it all together. My heartsong - that's what I call this book — magic and mystery, love and suspense, passion and pain. I hope you'll pick one up, give it a try. The first in the Afterworld Chronicles, the follow-up book, Chest of Stone, will be out in late fall, with many more in the series to come.

VALENTINE'S GIVEAWAYGrace Draven, Elizabeth Hunter, Tiffany Roberts, Mel Sterling, Emma Hamm, Colleen Vanderlinden, Monica Enderle Pierce, Cate Rowan, and I are hosting a fabulous Valentine's Day Giveaway on Facebook. Lots of books, goodies, and chatter. Come join us! Runs from Feb. 11–17!

AUTHOR PAGE—My new Vicki Stiefel Author page on Facebook is quite dazzling! Well, okay, maybe it just a fun page where I can talk about writing and reading and stuff. Come join me there!

PAPERBACK GIVEAWAY: — My publisher, Curiosity Quills Press, is doing a giveaway of the paperback edition of Chest of Bone over on Goodreads. Click here to go to the url and enter the giveaway.

Speaking of Goodreads—it's a great place for readers to hang out. It's got more genres than a porcupine has quills. The site is filled with fun and knowledgeable readers and writers. Visit books and authors you adore. Meet new ones to intrigue and intice you. Here's my page on Goodreads. Do mosey over and say hi.

Body Parts - my first published novel, a mystery/thriller with homicide counselor Tally Whyte as the lead. I've republished it as an eBook. A print one will follow as soon as I catch my breath!

LARRIMER'S MITTS - A marvelous knitting pattern designed by Rosemary (Romi) Hill, one of those iconic designers I find irresistible. Romi's pattern is FREE in both the eBook and the paperback of Chest of Bone. In the novel, Clea knits James Larrimer this pair. The motif on the back of the mitts hints at James' evolution in the series.

BACK COVER COPY- One of the few things I miss about eBooks is the copy on the back of the print cover. Posting here makes it more accessible to those who love eBooks.

As magical and mundane worlds retwine, empath and unawakened Mage Clea Reese, must team up with the secretive and powerful James Larrimer to hunt her mentor’s killer and stop the forces of corruption from obtaining the elusive Chest of Bone, the ultimate source of otherworldly power.

As Clea's beloved mentor Dave Cochran lays dying, tortured by a sadistic killer, he unlocks her nascent Mage powers, tasks her to find a mysterious chest, and guard his daughter, Lulu. Not that Clea believes in "real" magic or understands that she's becoming The Key. She's focused on revenge — on finding the killer who destroyed her world.

Point man in hunting Cochran's killer, James Larrimer is a predator who pursues endangered-animal traders. Or so it appears. Unbeknownst to Clea, Larrimer's prime directive is to obtain the most exotic creature of all — Clea Reese.

Forces both powerful and strange align against them, as they they, too, seek the all-powerful Chest. Only Clea and Larrimer stand between these malignant forces — self righteous in belief and unfettered by conscience — and their ruthless quest.

None of the players are prepared for the fusion of Clea's and Larrimer's song, a wild and harmonic resonance which can bind one to the other.

With the lives of those they love at stake, drawn inexorably to one another, will deception and death destroy Clea's and Larrimer's song? Or can they ferret out the killer, reclaim the Chest of Bone, and defeat their enemies, the most powerful of which may be their own conflicted natures?

Posted on February 11, 2017 .