A Treasure Trove

Amid the Winter Snow contains four superb novellas. Each offers a richness of character, marvelous settings, and a delicious, heart-tugging romance. Each will touch your soul. Note—you don’t have to have read any of the authors' novels to get great pleasure from these novellas.

I was thrilled when Elizabeth Hunter’s Maxim and Renata got their story since they’re two of my favorite Irin Chronicles people. The beautiful tale is both exotic and thrilling. Set in her Wraith Kings world, Grace Draven introduces us to the disfigured and admirable Jahna and the swordmaster Radimar—his kindness, coupled with amazing skills set my heart a pitter-patter. We revisit Jeffe Kennedy’s Ami and her beloved Ash. Frustrating and relatable, their trials and tribulations will rivet you. They soar, as do Thea Harrison's delightful and surprising Lilly and the deadly Wulf who stalks her amidst danger and deception.

Such fine tales, each entrancing. The anthology thrilled me. Not to be missed.