A mysterious painting. An enigmatic beauty. A work of art stolen by the Nazis. Oh, and a vampire-and-human partnership that’s out of this world. Midnight Labyrinth, Elizabeth Hunter’s launch of her Elemental Legacy series, soars with its fabulous array of characters that leap off the page, its intricate and clever story, and its serpentine journey through New York City’s most colorful haunts. The novel's anchor lies in the incendiary interaction between the human Ben, scion of one of the world’s most compelling vampires, and vampire Tenzin, she of the incalculable age and mystery. I’ve delighted in them through many books, yet if this is your introduction to them, you will instantly grasp their combustible relationship, one of love and conflict and complication. As a bonus, we meet the compelling Chloe, Ben’s old girlfriend and Tenzin's new assistant. She’s wary yet enchanted by the delicious vampire, Gavin, an old friend from Hunter's previous Elemental series. Sparks fly. In fact, they practically incinerate the book. (I so hope Gavin and Chloe get their own Elemental Legacy novel.) Hunter's prose, per usual, is superb. Each scene feels real and true, as if you’re living the adventure, not simply reading about it. I I loved this fast-paced novel and predict you'll devour in one sitting. I sure did.

Posted on November 7, 2017 .