Pictures and Story...

Pictures tell stories. Do you tell stories with them? While I speak most of my tales via words, I love taking photos.

Here are some from past times—bears, a hawk, Charleston, goodbyes—from an art show in which I participated. Figured what's a blog for. Right?

Outside my office window.

Outside my office window.

Click on the "Sisters" pic below to enlarge the others.

... and just one more. This little guy was so curious!

This little guy was so curious.

Some articles that fascinated me this week:

The single most valuable personality trait... I'm skeptical. Quantification isn't my thing. But this compelled me. via Jeffe Kennedy

Here are some cool apps for book lovers.

For Writers: Such a great article by Jessica Strawser on Jane Friedman's blog about how to deal when life interferes with you writing.

Does it drive you crazy waiting online to speak to a customer service rep? It sure does me. Here are apps to help you with that, and with other stuff that drives you crazy with impatience.

From  The Week  magazine

From The Week magazine

Have a superb week!

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