Who is Clea? These reflect Chest of Bone's Clea

Color... Style... Reflections... Of who we are and what we feel. Chest of Bone's Clea is represented below. I do boards that depict all my characters—inside and out—which helps me visualize them in concrete ways.

Above is much of what Clea signifies. Who she is. What she feels. Her hopes. Her dreams. Her needs. And her manifestations.

A. Must have this
B. Cares for the fragile ones
C. The Journey
D. Quests into the future.
E. Emerging
F. That which is a hidden nature.
G. An addiction
H. Her magic
I. Faith
J. A passion
K. Feather and fan
L. Colors her world

The letters above aren't in order. Can you figure out which goes with which image? See you next week with the answers.


Posted on July 8, 2016 .