I Could Use Your Help in Choosing...

Hi! I could really use your help. Here are 10 quotes from Chest of Bone. Would you pick your 5 favorites, and note the numbers in the comments?
Thank you!
1—A huge black cat sat smack on the double yellow line where the road leveled off. Black cats were bad luck. And this black cat was the size of a Harley.

2—Being an FBI interrogator sometimes sucked. Being an empath sometimes sucked worse.

3—“I’ll find your killer, Dave. Oh, yeah. And when I do, I’m gonna skewer him, barbecue him and feed his entrails to the crows.”

4—I saw where this was going, and it wasn’t to Happyland.

5—He was like a still lake just before the monster bursts out and eats you.

6—Damned dragon dude.

7—Perhaps there existed truths out of time and imagination our minds couldn’t process.

8—Those eyes. Blue flame. I wanted to stand on tiptoe and taste those lips. But even on tiptoe, I couldn’t reach them. He’d have to bend down, and I sensed the man before me seldom did that. Would he bend for me?

9—Remember the Magics. The Magics. Trust your feelings. Bold, like a Jedi.

10—Yes, a shadow, who waited and watched. I shuttered my lids and unfurled my mind.

Posted on July 23, 2016 .