The Internet, Friendship, and a Surprise

Once upon a time, I met a fabulous artist online. Not only do I love all of Grace Draven's books, I fell madly in love with her Radiance and Eidolon cover art. So I emailed the artist to compliment her work. Okay, I gushed. Isis, of Helheim Design, responded. Her email was fascinating and clever and fun. I wrote her back. We we began to correspond. We were in sync. Made each other laugh. We talked about art and writing, New Hampshire and Norway, knitting and books. We became friends.

Along the way, I commissioned Isis to do a painting — romantic and fierce — for Chest of Bone. (Not my cover. My publisher, Curiosity Quills, is creating that.) I'd also dreamed up a symbol for my Afterworld Chronicles. Isis turned that into a reality.

And, boy, is it cool!

So you see, I got a twofer: gorgeous art for my forthcoming book and a friendship I cherish.

Lucky me.


The Wyvern and The Key

The Wyvern and The Key

Symbol for Chest of Bone and The Afterworld Chronicles