March 24, 2011 

It's been a while...a long while since I've posted on this page. As I write this, I'm working on a new mystery novel. But I also have a book coming out in May: 10 Secrets of the LaidBack Knitters: A Guide to Holistic Knitting, Yarn, and Life

Yup, knitting. In my other life, when I'm not writing about murder and mayhem, I'm a passionate knitter. A few years ago, I thought it would be fun to write a knitting book. It proved to be far more complex and interesting and exciting than I'd ever imagined. "Fun" doesn't half describe it. Writing this book also helped me enormously during Bill's illness and passing.

So here's the book, out May 10:

 You can read a bit more about the book at

 Or, if you're really interested in knitting, you can always check out my Twitter feed. I Tweet as @knittingnews, and i try to keep knitters abreast of all the knitting news that's fit (and unfit) to print.


 A Celebration of Bill's Life will take place in Hancock, N.H., on September 13, 2009. The Open House will be held at The Harris Center from 2p.m. to 5p.m. All are welcome. Planning to attend? Vicki would appreciate an email.  



donate in Bill's memory, The Nature Conservancy tribute account is: (800) 628-6860, ref. account #12039833. The Harris Center is also a non-profit nature conservancy and education center, and you can donate here.   

July 28, 2009 

Vicki just lost her husband, Bill Tapply, after his two-year battle with leukemia. For those two years, and for many previous years, they shared wonderful times and a great love.

Vicki will be back to writing her fifth Tally Whyte mystery-thriller, The Taste of Death, in a few weeks.


I'll be running a workshop at the Seacoast Writers Conference on May 16. "How Dangerous Is Your Adventure?" See Event Calendar for details.

The Bone Man is out on AUDIO. I'm excited that all my Tally Whyte mystery/thrillers are now available in a variety of audio formats. You can check out The Bone Man here. You can hear a sample on Books in Motion Web site. To hear all of the Tally Whyte mysteries, go to Books in Motion.

The Bone Man a Finalist: I have to say I'm thrilled. The Bone Man is a finalist for 2008 Daphne du Maurier Award for Best Mainstream Mystery/Suspense Novel. Last year, The Grief Shop won this award, so it's an incredible honor to be nominated once again. 

I recently wrote an article on The Bone Man for my publisher. You might enjoy reading what I have to say about "The 'Where' of The Bone Man and Other Stuff, too:"

When I began The Bone Man, the latest novel in the Tally Whyte homicide counselor series, the book took place in Boston and thereabouts. But I soon found Tally wanted to travel. In fact, my protagonist insisted on it. So we first ventured to Martha's Vineyard, then journeyed west to New Mexico. Talk about straying from her New England roots!

I've often wondered why my novels evolve in such settings ...

To read the entire article, go HERE

November 7, Peterborough Library, Peterborough, NH. A Mysterious Couple...  Bill and I will be talking about what it's like to write under the same roof. We'll also talk about our newest books, The Bone Man (mine) and One-Way Ticket (Bill's). 7p.m. at the library.

SEE my Event Calendar for more events and details. 

September 1: THE BONE MAN is out!

June 15, 2007: THE GRIEF SHOP is now out as an audio book.


* * *

BODY PARTS, THE DEAD STONE and now THE GRIEF SHOP are unabridged audio books, which you can purchase or rent. 

THE BONE MAN is Vicki's fourth novel in the Tally Whyte homicide counselor series. A tale of suspense and mystery, The Bone Man takes Homicide Counselor TALLY WHYTE from Boston and Martha's Vineyard to New Mexico and Chaco Canyon in search of a dead friend's murderer and a carving known as The Blood Fetish.

Publishers Weekly on The Grief Shop: Tally is a compelling protagonist--edgy, compassionate and vulnerable--with a clipped narrating style that keeps the tricky plot in focus.

Stiefel's latest shows--again--that she can hold her own against genre heavyweights like John Sanford and Patricia Cornwell.

Read the full review and Chapter One of The Grief Shop here.

Other takes on The Grief Shop:
"THE GRIEF SHOP is a compelling, touching, and a pleasure to read." .. Robert B. Parker, Author of the Spenser, Sunny Randall, and Jesse Stone novels

"THE GRIEF SHOP is terrifying, touching and altogether compelling, with a headlong plot and a mind-bending mystery. It's Vicki Stiefel's best novel yet." ...Gary Braver, Author of Flashback

"Stiefel is destined to become a mainstay in the genre of the psychological thriller." ...Fresh Fiction