A Dying Mage. A Wrathful Monster. A Desperate Mission. And a Time-twisting Tale of Love.

In a world blind to magic...

Chest of Time Out Aug. 14

 Cover Design by  Dagmara Matuszak

Cover Design by Dagmara Matuszak

When her teenage ward goes missing, Mage Clea Reese must confront a dangerous fae adversary who steals the Chest of Time - but not before an accident splits Clea's spirit and body asunder.

With her life now at stake, Clea's allies must retrieve the Chest before her physical form dies. For if the Key Mage falls, a new Key will arise - one whose brutal ambitions spell a dark end for humankind.

Clea's lover James leads the team on a quest that takes them through lands both Magic and Mundane to battle the vengeful fae and the deadly Union.

But their greatest enemy? Time itself.

Chapter 1, Chest of Time

She kneeled on the bank of a sluggish river the color of merlot, the sun bright overhead. It was there. She was sure. How she knew eluded her. Was it a call? A pull? A song?

Silence surrounded her. Not the caw of a bird, the buzz of an insect cut the air. Even the grasses on the small verge before the wood were hushed.

   Chest of Bone-The Knit Collection   contains 5 Knitting Patterns based on the novel, a short story, character bios, and more.

Chest of Bone-The Knit Collection contains 5 Knitting Patterns based on the novel, a short story, character bios, and more.

A Mage. A Monster. A Mission.

In a world blind to magic...

As magical and mundane worlds retwine, empath and unawakened Mage Clea Reese, must team up with the secretive and powerful James Larrimer to hunt her mentor’s killer and stop the forces of corruption from obtaining the elusive Chest of Bone, the ultimate source of otherworldly power.

Larrimer is a predator who stalks endangered-animal traders. Or so it appears.

None are prepared for the fusion of Clea's and Larrimer's song, a wild resonance which can bind one to the other.

Powerful forces align against them, and only Clea, the singular Key, and Larrimer stand between these malignant entities and their ruthless quest.

"The word 'former' sucks. Former friend. Former lover. Former astronaut. Former anything implies that the past was better than the now.

I don't believe that. All you have is now, and maybe a few tomorrows...if you're lucky."        —Clea Reese, Chapter 1, Chest of Bone

Chest of Bone is a mystery wrapped in fantasy suspense, with a healthy dose of romance thrown in.

Much like Nalini Singh and Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and Grace Draven—authors she adores—Vicki is passionate about the stories she tells, the worlds she builds, and the characters she draws. 

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The Bone Man is out!

When Tally sees a forensic reconstruction of a murder victim, she must unravel how a centuries-old pot held a modern woman’s skull and unearth an ancient prize worth killing for.